Jetty Rock & Oysters

Reviving the Bay. Rebuilding an Industry.

Our Hero – The Oyster

In our own backyard, the Barnegat Bay was once rich with oysters. Long Beach Island’s culture thrived from locals farming the bay to feed their families and supply restaurants. But as development grew, pollution destroyed the ecosystem. Water quality decreased, essential fish habitats vanished, and the oyster population dwindled. We found that this didn’t only happen in our local waters, but up and down the Eastern Seaboard and beyond as well.

Why are Oysters So Important?

  • Adult oysters can filter many gallons of water per day!

  • Oyster shells can be removed from the waste stream and recycled.

  • Shells can be used to create manmade oyster reefs which promote natural setting oysters (more oysters = more water filtered). All while improving habitat for other marine life as well.

  • Shells can also be used to create living shorelines which help prevent erosion and storm surge.

  • Can't forget that they just taste great! Whether raw or grilled each oyster is unique.