Introducing Breakwater Bourbon

Introducing Breakwater Bourbon, a special edition collaborative whiskey brought to you by Jetty and Bluebird Distilling.10% from each bottle sold will be donated back to the Jetty Rock Foundation to protect our oceans and waterways, and support those who build their lives around them

We are proud to offer a well aged and lightly smoked bourbon that captures the flavors of coastal adventure. Combining Jetty’s commitment to quality-crafted goods and Bluebird Distilling’s dedication to creating world-class spirits, Breakwater Bourbon embodies the thrill of unforgettable journeys and remarkable discoveries made along the way.

Jetty X Bluebird Distilling

With a robust mash bill comprised of corn, wheat, rye, barley, and smoked cherry malt, Breakwater Bourbon is aged 5 – 7 years in charred American Oak and finished in Brazilian Amburana barrels.

Nose: Cinnamon, Spiced Ginger

Palate: Light smoke, Sweet Cherry, Vanilla

Finish: Soft Corn, Baking Spice, Cherry, Candied

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