JRF Initiatives

Revitatlizing our waterways and community

Making an Impact

Our donations can be classified into 3 buckets: Environmental, Community & Education and Storm

We strive to meet the 80/20 rule: 80% of all incoming revenue is translated into donations. The remaining 20% is used toward operating expenses. We don't always meet the 80/20 rule, but we budget for it and work to get there each year.

How does a $1 donation help our environment and coastal waters?

$1 donation = 18 adult oysters back into the bay x 50 gallons of water filtered per oyster = 900 gallons of water filtered in one day!


The environment is our primary focus as we strive to fulfill the main part of our mission.

Community and Education

These donations are primarily made to individuals and businesses in need.

Storm Relief

These donations are reactionary to natural disasters.